Best Revshare Investment Websites 2016

Best Revshare Investment Websites 2016

Did you lose cash in ChekListing, RIOAdshare, HQRevshare or AdBrook? Some smart guys made huge money with them and some of you lost. It happens if you are a newbie who has no outside knowledge or insights. You just need to get some assistance so that you really can earn profit without any referral power. This short review is for helping people to choose the best online programs and the strategy to not lose money to any scammer admin.

**Invest only if you can afford to lose. I can’t guarantee on any program as I don’t own any of these!

Today i want to write about revshare programs and i will make a review. I tested some revshare programs because there is actually a hype. So i tested this revshares.

Revshare programs are a great way to earn passive income from home. Very little investment is required and very little work. They give great quality advertising and many will benefit from the additional income.

Revenue sharing is a winner for the professional investor or the novice newbie!  Yields up to 158%!  I highly recommend these programs. Read my press release for all the details on how to easily get started earning right now!

What are revshare programs? First, these are websites, where you can buy advertising for your business. Second, they offer a profit return on each Ad Credit Pack purchased. For example you buy one share. Cost $5. You get credits to promote your business and this share expires at $6.25. Normally revshare programs share there earnings on every member. The more shares you have, the more you will earn. That’s the theory.

Ultimate Rev Share Review

Best Revshare Investment Websites 2016Best Revshare Investment Websites 2016

This is my review on a new rev share site called Ultimate Revenue Share  that launched on Feb 15, 2016. The owner and main Admin is Tom Taylor as well respected and trusted  online marketer for over 20 years in the business.

I have a very good feeling about this site and it should be around for a while with some of the new features such as fail safe systems like Profit Booster in place. Below in the FAQ s you can read exactly what it is and does.

I will say that anyone looking to make money online, can with rev shares in general as long as  the admins are interactive as well they respect the members that are in the rev share as a whole.

I see some rev share are taking a beating with negative remarks from the owners as well the members. I will not go into details about what rev shares are having issues with that as I try have a positive outlook on all things in life as well as my online business.

I started URS on the launch date as I did purchase $100.00 in ad packs or media packs in this sites terms. I was the 214 member to sign up and add funds. What I will tell you is that in the 5 days since the launch I have doubled my packs. The site is earning 12% on active packs daily as well the site is running smooth and loading quickly which is a plus in my book.

If you would like to JOIN me in URS CLICK HERE I think this will be a safe and stable rev share company for a long time.

Ultimate Rev Share Review How All of it Works:

This is NOT a Financial investment, HYIP, Multi Level Marketing, Matrix, Cycler or Money Exchange site.

This site supplies an effective advertising and marketing system for our participants to promote their Third celebration businesses, programs or referral links.

In addition to driving website traffic to our members web sites, they could also receive a share of our revenues obtained from sales of our products, returning as much as 150 % per Media-pack bought!

There are numerous E-books available for our participants, 1 new E-book will be included every month.

Reference Program:

At URS we discuss the earnings for every product purchase with all members that have an energetic Media pack!

We give a generous referral perk for those members who ensure their individual recommendation web links and also present new marketers to our program.

They obtain 10 % referral compensations on ALL money acquisitions by their Degree 1 references (5 % on acquisitions with repurchase equilibrium) – As well as 2 % on their Level 2 references (1 % on acquisitions with repurchase equilibrium.

Program Information:

Media packs start from as low as $1 each. Profits can only be discussed when we obtain sales, if we get no sales after that there will be ultimately no profits – basic maths.

Glad note: All profits are split 50/50, 50 % of the incomes goes into your cash equilibrium, the any other 50 % goes to your re-purchase balance to make sure continuous earnings for all our members!

Best Revshare Investment Websites 2016




The most significant tool to prevent URS from coming to be non sustainable is the Earnings booster ought to we get to the phase that profits are becoming as well slow-moving, we will turn on the Revenue Booster (even more information in our FAQ page)!

The Revenue Booster is the brainchild of our admin that’s been working for 2 years on a way to stop a revenue share website from stalling, this strategy is now a fact!

I enhancement they have their own web traffic package deals via their own wholesale traffic site in addition to earnings from the sale of recommendations as well as the unique marketing package deals offered for our advertisers.

Below Are Some FAQs:

Exactly how do i make a profit with UltimateRevShare?

Purchase any one of our Media packs and also receive a share in our revenue up until your Media-pack develops.

You could also make by referring new advertisers to our program, as this will pay you a 10 % recommendation acquisition payment for every single Media-pack they acquire as well as an additional 2 % on their recommendation acquisitions – It Pays to ensure!

Beginning March 1st, all participants with active packs will have to check out 5 ads a day to be eligible to earn on their active packs.

Do I have to pay to sign up with Ultimate Rev Share Review?:

No you do not, you could join for free as well as still get the 10 % commissions of every marketer’s purchase that you personally invite to our website or gain via the Money Links (if readily available) and Ad Grid Advertisements.

You must then use your account balance to acquire your personal Media pack to be able to receive payouts!

All accounts not validated within a 12 hr amount of time will certainly be eliminated. All cost-free accounts without references and/or revenues are taken away after 2 Week.

This is done to alleviate server load by reducing database queries.

Which Payment processors do you accept?

We make use of CratePay (money your CP account making use of PayPal and also BitCoin), Payza, Perfect Cash, OkPay and SolidTrustPay, as soon as you have adequate account equilibrium, you may make use of that likewise to acquire extra Media-packs.

What is Payza?

A online payment processor.

Register for your dream account here……..

Earn money with Payza

Why is there a repurchase guideline?To maintain the long-term viability of our site along with guarantee ongoing incomes for ALL our members, no matter when they join, 50 % of all incomes will be automatically included in the repurchase equilibrium and could only be made use of for even more purchases.

What about  refunds with Ultimate Rev Share Review?

Because of the REAL TIME revenues nature of our program there can be NO REFUNDS after your payment. Every time a Media-pack is acquired, members are earning money promptly.

Keep this in mind prior to making your purchase.The acquisition of advertising and marketing is NOT considered a Financial investment!

Warning Caution: Anyone that opens up a repayment disagreement via any processor without contacting us first, will have their account as well as all earnings removed promptly! We will do everything we can to assist you as long as you provide as a possibility to do so!
Is UltimateRevShare sustainable?

Theoretically YES, however that does depend to some extent on our members as well, we advise to collaborate with a very basic, yet efficient method: Re-invest half your revenues, take out the various other fifty percent!

In addition, we have actually an enforced 50 % of ALL earnings going to account owners re-purchase balance. Those funds can only be used for the acquisition of added Media-packs! We additionally making use of the Revenue Booster need to the requirement strike prevent our website from delaying.

Best Revshare Investment Websites 2016

Fort Ads Pays

Best Revshare Investment Websites 2016

FortAdPays is an advertising network that shares its profits for all members who visit pubs 4 a day.

One pack : $1 matures at $2 (200% ROI) and earn up to 4% daily

To promote your favorite programs, your blog or your site, FortAdPays offers:

  • PTC Announcements (global or country) (Paid To Click)
  • Some PPC ads Ads (global or country) (Paid for click)
  • Text ads
  • Banners

Profits are shared every 30 minutes.

Mi max cash outs are $10 and $800 daily, they are processed within 24 hours on business days only.

Register HERE to FREE Today!

Best Revshare Investment Websites 2016

Best Revshare Investment Websites 2016